Project Description

Website design has gone through a roller coaster ride of styles, techniques, and tricks to become flashy and memorable. The problem these days is we have become so numb to these catchy visuals, that they don’t do anything more than get in the way. Today, websites need to be designed content first and must be fast.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile friendly designs are far more important than designing for desktop. More people are visiting sites on the go and want the answer to their problem now. They do not have time to wait for a site to load. After mere seconds of visiting your link, if your site doesn’t load, you can say goodbye to your precious lead. This is why I developed this site with speed as the #1 priority. Using a responsive framework and simple flat colors, mobile browsers can render the site quickly and your visitor can get in and out with the info they need.

The first few seconds are the most crucial, they determine if the viewer has decided to stay or go. The moment someone visits they are given 3 quick links for generator installation, service, or wholesale, along with quick ways to get in contact.

Speed does not have to diminish design

Despite the limitations required for a speedy site, there are still creative solutions to make your site stand out. By using solid color blocks to separate information, I am able to organize my content in simple sleek ways. Large images can still be used without slowing your site down. It is important to compress files using Photoshop or other compression software and strip them of any unnecessary information that can slow your site down. I also recommend using larger images below the website fold so they do not hinder the user experience when they load.